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Professional development and training

We offer flexible career development support through our FDA Learn and Keyskills programmes, specifically designed to help you develop the skills you require to progress in your career and maximise your potential.

FDA Learn

Launched in 2008, our FDA Learn professional development programme offers specialised masterclasses, conferences and events to address a wide range of skills which are closely matched to the Civil Service Competency Framework.

Courses are available to all public and civil servants, but FDA members benefit from a free masterclass upon joining as well as discounts of up to 50% and access to exclusive higher education offers.

We also work closely with employers to develop bespoke events for their staff and build specific projects - often linked to addressing workforce change issues. 

Find out more about our upcoming FDA Learn events.


Following the launch of Keystone in 2015, we also established Keyskills to extend coverage to HEO-SEOs and support the next generation of senior leaders. Keyskills courses include Development Events, Coaching Offers and Seminars. 

Find out more about our upcoming Keyskills events.

"As a Keystone member I've had the chance to go on courses to look at the competency based application process – from how to write a good story to how to present it coherently and with best effect. Well, something worked, and I managed my promotion!"
- Suzanne Wallace, Keystone member

Professional Development Champions

The role of Professional Development Champions (PDCs) is to inform and support members in developing and achieving their goals as well as signpost opportunities and providers.

PDCs are supported by learning agreements with employers and have the right to time off to carry out their duties and receive training.

To become a Professional Development Champion (PDC), or to find out more about FDA Learn, email Neil Rider via neil@fda.org.uk

Into Leadership

Together with Dods, the FDA hosts conferences to help underrepresented groups progress in their careers within the public sector. The Women into Leadership (WiL) and BAME into Leadership (BAMEiL) conferences take place every year across the UK, and feature speakers, discussions and breakout sessions, all offering practical advice.

FDA members receive a significant discount for places at these events, details of which can be found on the WiL and BAMEiL websites.

Higher education offers

The FDA offers discounts to members for a number of Higher Education Institutions. These include 10% off all accredited Birkbeck courses.

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