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Equality and diversity

The FDA believes public services should be reflective of the people they serve. We are committed to the promotion of equality for all and actively oppose all forms of harassment, prejudice and discrimination.

What is the FDA doing to promote equality and diversity?

We work with employers to improve opportunities for under-represented groups across the civil service and eliminate direct and indirect discrimination.

The FDA’s work on equality is co-ordinated by our Executive Committee's Equality and Diversity Sub-committee and strategically led by National Officer Jane Cockram. Women's and BAME workplace issues are led by National Officers Victoria Taylor and Zohra Frances, respectively.

FDA works with the civil service to help shape its approach to diversity and ensure the views of our members are heard by their employers. We are not afraid to challenge employers and government if necessary and speak up in the media when the civil service fails in its obligations to support underrepresented staff against discrimination.

Professional Development events

A key pillar of our Equality and Diversity work is our ever-expanding range of networking and professional development events.

Working in partnership with Dods Group, we have now established three annual events:

Members benefit from greatly discounted prices for these events as well as first refusal to a variety of other events held across the UK.

Equality Networks

We run dedicated networks for women, black and minority ethnic (BAME), lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT), and disabled members, helping them to share experience, build contacts, and discuss solutions to the challenges they face at work.

9th Nov 2018
Being fairly paid for the work you do isn’t a big ask, but the civil service is failing many by falling short of this basic requirement, says FDA National Officer Victoria Taylor.
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