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The latest press statements issued by the FDA union. 
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“The Treasury approach, yet again, seeks to crack a nut with a sledgehammer," says Lucille Thirlby.

30 January 2019
Press release

“Mark Francois is clearly incapable of understanding that civil servants can act impartially, regardless of their personal views, because he is incapable of such action himself," says FDA General Secretary Dave Penman.

23 January 2019
Press release

“If ministers are serious about addressing the weaknesses identified in the report, root and branch reform of pay structures is essential" says FDA General Secretary Dave Penman.

16 January 2019
Press release

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman describes the decision to set aside the investigation into former First Minister Alex Salmond as "hugely regrettable."

09 January 2019
Press release

FDA National Officer Allan Sampson responds to the announcement of the Scottish Government’s public sector pay policy.

12 December 2018
Press release

"We believe the Committee could and should have gone further creating full independence of decision making immediately.," says Assistant General Secretary Amy Leversidge.

10 December 2018
Press release

results show 68% of respondents believe their departments’ effectiveness “is negatively impacted by our workload and additional working hours”, while 82% believe working excess hours has adversely affected their wellbeing.

06 December 2018
Press release

FDA Assistant General Secretary Amy Leversidge responds to the announcement that Gemma White QC has been appointed to conduct an independent inquiry into the bullying and harassment of MPs’ parliamentary staff.

06 November 2018
Press release

On 24 October, the Commission voted to implement the recommendations from Dame Laura report.

24 October 2018
Press release

“Any delay in agreeing the recommendations in full will be seen by staff for what it is, a tactic to allow MPs to get away with implementing a watered-down version later," says FDA Assistant General Secretary Amy Leversidge.

24 October 2018
Press release

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