Help with recruiting

For guidance and materials to help you to have the FDA conversation with colleagues, please take a look at the FDA Advocate Handbook

Become an FDA advocate.

You can also email the FDA's Organiser at - for any support or materials such as: 

- posters; (or download:
Join the FDA - poster
Prize draw competition - A3 poster)
- stickers;
- pens;
- application forms;
- copies of Public Service Magazine; and
- assorted FDA goodies!

Don't keep the FDA secret!

Become an advocate for your union: 

- watch the FDA's film on how to recruit a colleague

FDA members - don't keep the FDA to yourself! from Vimeo.

- read the FDA Advocate Handbook 

Day in, day out, the FDA is supporting members who face difficulty at work. The union exists to improve members working lives. We speak up for members and the vital work that they do, day in, day out. The more members we have, the stronger we are.

You already know about the FDA, who we represent and how we make a difference to your working life. There is no better advocate for the FDA than you.

To ensure that the support we provide can continue, and that our voice remains strong in the face of adversity, we need new members. And the only way to attract new members is for you to encourage your colleagues to join the FDA.

If you can encourage your colleagues to join FDA, you will be entered into a prize draw for an iPad mini!

To be in with a chance, all you have to do is persuade your colleagues of benefits of FDA membership.

You are a member - they should be a member too. The more members we have in the FDA, the stronger our voice in the negotiations that affect us. 

In order to be in with a chance of winning an iPad mini (or the equivalent cost in a voucher for the retailer of your choice) you just need to follow these three steps:

1) Encourage a colleague to join FDA! They can do so quickly online at

2) E mail the FDA's Organiser Rebecca Billington at, advising who you have spoken to, and who has joined up

3) Once confirmation is made that the person has joined, you will get an entry into the prize draw!

You can recruit as many members as you like: each new member = one entry into the prize draw.

All names will be collected and put into the hat, with the winner being drawn by the FDA President.

FDA competition terms and conditions