Higher Education Offers

The FDA offers discounts to members for a number of Higher Education Institutions: These include: 

University of York: A 15% discount for self-funding FDA members for the online masters programmes in public management. To find out more contact Kevin Hall quoting your FDA membership number (and copying in neil@fda.org.uk).

Birbeck University
A 10% discount for FDA members at Birbeck University, London if you are progressing to another level (e.g. degree to masters). To find out more contact neil@fda.org.uk.

The FDA has a strong relationship with a number of
modern universities through our programme of development centres and mentoring. If you are considering a course at a modern university you should contact neil@fda.org.uk to see if a discount might be available.

All the above discounts and benefits are available only to FDA members, although we may extend this to family members if they are not eligible to join the FDA.

Information for members or reps advising working people on pathways and routes into higher education (HE) can be found on the Union Learn website.