The FDA strives to secure fair pay and rewards for our members.

Pay and reward

We strive to secure fair pay and rewards for our members - be they management trainees or permanent secretaries, middle managers or lawyers. 

We also influence pay for the Senior Civil Service through our yearly evidence to the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) and submitted evidence to the NCA pay review body in January 2016.

Securing better pay for civil servants is not always the easiest of jobs, but it is essential: public services (and the people who deliver them) need investment to perform well. 

The FDA's pay agenda

We work closely with government employers on developing and maintaining a fair pay system within each department. 

Our aim, where possible, is to:

  • increase the maximum of pay ranges;
  • shorten progression times;
  • make performance-related pay mechanisms more transparent; and
  • promote and help ensure pay equality.

Useful documents:

SSRB Written Evidence FDA & Prospect Nov 2015