The FDA frequently comments on equality issues in the public sector.

Equality and diversity

The FDA is committed to the promotion of equality for all and actively opposes all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination.

But what is the union doing to promote equality and diversity?

The FDA has reinvigorated its Equality and Diversity Committee (EDC) which co-ordinates the work of the union on matters of equality. The FDA has a national officer with responsibility for equalities issues, who supports and co-ordinates this committee, as well as networks for women, black and minority ethnic, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender,  and disabled members.

The FDA frequently comments on equality issues in the public sector, and attends national equality meetings with civil service management, alongside the other civil serice unions.

The FDA also works with Dods to organise networking and professional development events such as the  Women into Leadership Conference and the BME into Leadership Conference

More information

Read our Equality Plan 2013-14


For FDA equality matters,  or to find out more about one of the networks e-mail FDA national officer Zohra Francis