Tuesday at TUC Congress 2016

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Above: ARC President Vicky Johnson speaking at TUC Congress

On Tuesday morning, ARC President Vicky Johnson spoke on behalf of the FDA in support of Composite 7 - protecting workers and trade union rights in the EU Brexit.

Johnson told Congress:

"Why is it necessary for us to ask for the Government to guarantee job security?

"Following Brexit, we saw some inexcusable behaviour from a small minority of people which led to the perception that EU workers may no longer be welcome to work in the UK. And a possibility that UK workers could be shunned in the EU."

Johnson finished by urging Congress to:

"Hold the Government to account. We must work with the Government to provide certainty and job security."

Read Vicky Johnson's full speech here.

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman was re-elected onto the TUC General Council, a position he has held since 2012.

In the afternoon, Angela Rayner, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, addressed Congress.

Rayner spoke of her own personal experience of the TUC, having previously being involved as a union delegate.

She told Congress:

"We need a society that supports everyone to live a life of equaity. For women, for LGBT people, for disbled people, and for black and Asian people too. There is is much still to be done."

Read Angela Rayner's full speech here.

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