Sunday at TUC Congress 2016

The first day of the 2016 TUC Congress, held in Brighton, saw General Secretary Dave Penman and Vice President Fiona Eadie moving the FDA's motions on 'Making a success of Brexit' and 'Wellbeing'.

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Above: FDA Vice President Fiona Eadie moving the union's well-being motion

Eadie told Congress:

"I don't need to tell you how, over recent years, the civil service has delivered massive reductions in spending, yet maintained quality public services.

"And I doubt I need to remind Congress that all of this has come at an unacceptably high cost to civil servants."

"The FDA's own Working Hours Survey disclosed a shocking picture of an unsustainable long hours working culture within the civil service," she added.

"The FDA has been campaigning and calling upon the Government to match the commitments it demands, to the resources it provides."

Read FDA Vice President Fiona Eadie's speech here.

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Above: FDA General Secretary Dave Penman moving the union's motion on making a success of Brexit

Dave Penman moved the FDA's motion on making a success of Brexit. Penman told Congress:

"Our movement's future, inextricably linked to the EU for over 40 years, now faced uncertain times.

"It is the civil service, not the three Brexiteers Johnson, Davis and Fox, who will be expected to rise to this challenge, whilst they squabble for and undermine British business in the process soundbites. It is the civil service that has to get on with delivering a successful outcome," he added.

"No Government department is untouched and while a new Department for Exiting the European Union has been created to co-ordinate this, the reality is the greatest burden will fall on departments like DEFRA, the Foreign Office, International Trade and the Government Legal Department."

Read FDA General Secretary Dave Penman's full speech here.

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