Penman calls for Minister to confirm civil service jobs won’t be axed to make room for apprentices


FDA General Secretary Dave Penman was quoted on the front page of today's Financial Times, responding to a Cabinet Office document stating that there are plans to make civil servants redundant to make space for apprentices.

The Civil Service Compensation Scheme consultation states that the scheme "remains too expensive in light of the national debt and budget deficit leaving less money available to support those where necessary.

"This is especially acute because of the requirement to reduce current staff numbers due to both the spending review and the need to create space to allow for the recruitment of apprentices."

Penman condemned the Cabinet Office's mention of the need to increase apprentices within a consultation on redundancy: "We need an unequivocal statement from the Minister confirming that not a single job will be lost to make space for apprentices."

He added that the Government should not "use the drive to increase the number of apprentices in the UK as an excuse for making existing staff redundant".

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