National Crime Agency must see "real improvements in pay", says FDA

November 30th, 2017

This week the FDA submitted its oral evidence to the National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body, in addition to its written evidence which was submitted at the end of October 2017.

The Government’s response to this body, expected in January 2018, will act as the first real test of its recent promises on public sector pay, and the FDA’s submission calls for adequate public sector funding for the NCA to allow this vital law enforcement agency to press ahead with much-needed pay reform.

In his submission to the NCARRB, FDA National Officer Simon Hardcastle writes: “If the Home Secretary wants the NCA ‘to be relentless in the disruption of organised crime’, government must address the fundamental issues with NCA pay.

"It should start by dropping the 1% cap, ending the divisive practice of paying internal promotes less than the externally advertised salary and enable the NCA to properly engage all their staff with real improvements in pay that mirror their counterparts elsewhere, at a time when their expertise will be needed more than ever.”

You can download the full submission here.