Monday at TUC Congress 2016

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Above: TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady address Congress.

On the first full day at the 2016 TUC Congress, FDA General Secretary Frances O'Grady thanked delegates for their commitment to the union movement.

She discussed the UK's vote to leave the EU, stating "the vote was close but clear and now our job is to get on with representing working people, whichever way they cast their vote, and make sure that they don't pay the price of a Brexit.

"Government must be ready to step in and work to keep the advantages we get from membership of the single market - for all of our industries, not just the City."

O'Grady also warned "any greedy business" that "there will be no hiding place - we will organise and we will win". 

Read the TUC General Secretary's full speech here.

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Above: FDA President Gareth Hills supports a motion on tax relief on pension contributions.

On Monday afternoon, FDA President Gareth Hills spoke in support of a motion covering tax relief on pension contributions.

Hills told Congress:

"Tax relief on pension contributions serves a far greater purpose.

"It demonstrates to individuals that the Government wants them to save for their retirement, and tacitly acknowledges that the state pension alone isn't enough to live on.

"In a survey the FDA and others contributed in 2015, over 60% of higher earners - those paying higher rate tax - said they would reduce their savings for retirement if tax relief was cut.

"Further generations simply cannot afford for working people today to stop saving for retirement."

Read Gareth Hill's full speech here.

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