Longer hours for little gain

A Smith Institute report has found that two-thirds of employees say they are working longer hours than two years ago, but only 10% believe they are more productive. The survey assessed responses from more than 7,500 employees across members of seven trade unions, including the FDA.

Breaking down the results by sector, the survey showed that more than half (53%) of civil servants who reported working harder than two years ago also state that they think they are either less productive (29%) or the same (24%).

When asked what would improve productivity at their organisation, civil servants most frequently mentioned technology that's fit for purpose, a reduction in bureaucracy, competitive reward for staff and tackling of the current "demotivating, unfit-for purpose approach to performance management".

The survey also revealed that in the civil service "responses emphasised the difficulty of measuring the outcome of what they do, reporting that too often measurement focuses on quantitative results that do not reflect a contribution to outcomes for the citizen".

Read the full Smith Institute report:
Work harder not smarter