Land Registry privatisation consultation is ‘fundamentally flawed’ and ‘unsubstantiated by evidence’, says FDA


The FDA has responded to the Department for Business (BIS) consultation on moving Land Registry operations to the private sector.

The FDA represents lawyers and senior managers within Land Registry, dealing with the most complex applications and enquiries in relation to land and property registration within England and Wales.

This is the second consultation within a two-year period which has been launched by BIS, the first of which proposed the creation of a Land Registry service delivery company.

FDA National Officer representing members in the Land Registry, Jawad Raza, said:

"The FDA remains of the view that this consultation is fundamentally flawed, unsubstantiated by evidence and therefore an inappropriate basis from which to derive conclusions requiring radical changes to Land Registry's operations. We believe these proposals will have a significant and detrimental impact on our members and to Land Registry and the quality and cost of the service delivered to the public."

The main points covered in the FDA consultation are summarised below:

  • it is not accepted that a business case has been made for privatising the operations of Land Registry, or any change of model from the current status as a trading fund under the Trading Fund Act 1973.
  • in order to ensure public and stakeholder confidence in the continuing impartiality and independence of the Land Registry, reducing the risk to data protection and contributing to the wider economy, we do not believe that ownership of Land Registry operations should leave the Government or the State.