'Hypocrisy knows no bounds': FDA response to CSW report on significant pay rises for Cameron’s Special Advisers

Civil Service World published Penman's response to revelations that many of David Cameron's Special Advisers received substantial pay rises, just months before gaining inflated severance packages following the former Prime Minister's resignation.

CSW's report and the General Secretary's comments were covered widely across the media, including articles in the Telegraph, the Sun, the Guardian, the Independent, Metro, the Mail, Sky News, ITV News and various regional news outlets, including the Courier, the Belfast Telegraph and the Express and Star.

Penman said: "It would seem hypocrisy knows no bounds from a Prime Minister who preached pay restraint and austerity to public servants and the public, whilst at the same time awarding double-digit pay rises to his Special Advisers."

He added that this is "a further body blow to the morale of thousands of hard-working civil servants to learn that the very same Special Advisers who received enhanced redundancy terms from the outgoing prime minister also received pay rises of up to 24% in one year."