FDA tells Sky News the civil service has “risen to the challenge” of Brexit, but must be given the resources it requires

In a recent appearance on Sky News FDA General Secretary Dave Penman told reporters that the civil service has “risen to the challenge” of Brexit, but stressed that the Government owes a commitment to its civil servants to provide the resources and capability required to deal with the additional demands.

Penman’s comments, which were broadcast on 13 February 2017, followed warnings from former head of the civil service Lord Kerslake, who told Sky News he was “seriously concerned” about the capacity of the civil service to negotiate the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Penman said: "The civil service clearly has risen to the challenge because that's what it does, it's used to dealing with big challenges.

"And so staff clearly, with the decision of the referendum and with the Government's commitment to triggering Article 50, will rally round and support the Government in negotiating an exit over the next couple of years.

"But the Government has to commit to the civil service as well - it has to give the civil service the resources and the capability that's required… that may mean bringing skills from outside and it also means supporting the civil service at a time when it is asking it to cut its resources, as well as dealing with the additional demands of Brexit."

Following this appearance, Penman’s comments were included in a report from the International Business Times. A full write-up was also published on the Sky News website.