FDA tells CSW: performance management system must be robust, fair, and work for both employers and staff


FDA Assistant General Secretary Rob O'Neill spoke with Civil Service World on Wednesday, regarding the announcement of a new civil service performance management framework.

Hailing this as "a really significant step", O'Neill said: "We've got to have a system of performance management in the civil service, but we've got to make sure that it is robust, it is fair, and it works for both employers and staff. And we're very keen to sit down and get into a dialogue with departments and with people at the centre to try and help to deliver that system."

O'Neill pointed out that not all departments had yet indicated that they would follow the lead of HMRC, DWP, the Home Office and the MoD - the four departments that have given notice they will end guided / forced distribution from April 2017.

"Other departments are saying, 'Well, hang on a minute - we need time to reflect, consider, we want an evidence-based approach to any changes that we bring in'," he explained.

"We're a bit disappointed about that, we would obviously like all departments to be moving in this direction. But we'll sit down and work with those employers as well. And talk to them about the changes that we think are necessary."