FDA speaks out on SCS pay

Following the submission the FDA and Prospect's evidence to the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB), the Financial Times reported on the impact on the morale of senior civil servants, after six years of pay restraint alongside the recruitment of staff from outside of the civil service on higher salaries.

The FDA issued a press release on this issue that outlined key results from its SCS pay survey, which was also quoted in Civil Service World (CSW).

In the FT, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman said that the Government’s approach “of throwing money at new recruits from the private sector, while holding experienced civil servants down at the bottom of their pay scale, isn’t working and is blocking efforts to resolve the ever present gender pay gap”.

CSW quoted Penman's view that it is time for a "fundamental review of the SCS pay system".

The Review Body's recommendations are unlikely to be finalised until March 2016, at which point the Government will need to decide which recommendations it accepts and how they will be implemented.

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