FDA responds to UK vote to leave the EU

As reported by the Financial Times, the Guardian and Civil Service World, the FDA has raised concerns over the civil service resources needed to carry out the UK's exit from the European Union.

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman outlined how in this period of political uncertainty, "the people of the UK are already understanding the value of a permanent and politically neutral civil service.From contingency plans to deal with the inevitable economic turmoil, to shepherding Government through a change of leadership and political directional more fundamental than most General Elections, the civil service will ensure that the functions of Government continue to serve our country and deliver our vital public services".

Penman called for incoming Government Ministers to make sure the civil service had "both the capacity and capability" to meet the challenge ahead.

"As we now begin to consider the process of removing the UK from EU decisions and structures, the Government of the day will be faced with determining what will replace them and how this will be implemented," he said.

"Whether it's negotiating new trade deals with the world, implementing a new immigration policy, creating a new system of farm subsidies or sustaining regional development, the civil service will be tasked with delivering the vision for the UK that will follow this result.

Penman added: "All sides in this debate recognise that negotiating an exit from the EU will be a complex process, taking a significant amount of both time and resource. Whoever leads the Government will need to ensure that they provide the civil service with the resources and expertise necessary to deliver this outcome."

Read the FDA's full press release