FDA responds in the Guardian and Civil Service World to PM’s Spectator interview ‘civil service bashing’


The Guardian and Civil Service World (CSW) yesterday reported the FDA's response to Prime Minister Theresa May's interview in the Spectator. May had stated that she can "get a bit frustrated when the system wants to box everything in and produce an acronym that they can use… there's a tendency in the system to try to interpret what they think you want, and to deliver that".

General Secretary Dave Penman said: ""Prime Ministers have a responsibility to show leadership to the civil service, but few definitions of leadership include publicly criticising your overworked and underpaid staff.

"Whatever her intentions, Theresa May now joins an unedifying list of prime ministers who have taken to print to vent their frustrations about civil servants. I wonder what her response would be if civil servants were to deliver a public critique of prime ministerial failings.

"Civil servants, like politicians, are not infallible. But true leadership is dealing with those issues in private and not resorting to the sort of civil-service bashing that certain sections of the media appear to crave."

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