FDA in the Guardian, BBC News and Civil Service World: PM orders inquiry into leak of memo about Brexit leaks crackdown


The Guardian reported yesterday about the FDA's response to a memo sent to civil servants which included a threat of dismissal for any further "corrosive leaks".

"Ask any journalist worth their salt and they'll tell you that the vast majority of leaks emanate from politicians." FDA General Secretary Dave Penman told the Guardian.

Penman went on to say that "Indications have been given that the prime minister will issue a parallel and similarly robust statement outlining that any politician found to have leaked will face a similar sanction. This would be both welcome and appropriate.

"Civil servants are being threatened with the loss of their livelihood if they are caught leaking. A similar sanction should apply to politicians, not simply the loss of the trappings of ministerial office."

The FDA issued a press release around this subject yesterday, which was reported in Civil Service World, BBC News, Sky News, Press Gazette, MSN News, Evening Express, BT, World Breaking News, Deeside Piper and Herald and other local journals.