FDA blasts Cameron’s ‘astonishing act of hypocrisy’ in increasing redundancy pay for his Special Advisers while cutting civil service redundancy terms


The FDA has responded to the news that one of David Cameron's final acts as Prime Minister was to ensure his Special Advisers with long service are paid an additional six months of severance pay, costing the Government an extra £282,892.

As reported by the BBC, Daily Mail, New Statesman, Civil Service World and Politics Home, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman called this "an astonishing act of hypocrisy from Cameron, increasing redundancy pay for his Special Advisers whilst in the middle of cutting redundancy terms for the rest of the civil service. It sends a clear message about who he valued most."

In a letter to the former PM and his Principal Private Secretary (PPS), civil service Chief Executive John Manzoni gave his "strong advice" that these additional payment should not be made, adding that "legal advice supports this position".

Manzoni ended his letter by stating that if Cameron decided to proceed regardless, he "would request his written direction in order to do so".

Cameron's PPS Simon Case responded to Manzoni by letter, stating that the former PM "does not wish to exacerbate an already difficult and uncertain time for [the Special Advisers] by inferring that their long and loyal service is not fully recognised" and "has directed [Manzoni] to proceed accordingly".