FDA General Secretary's latest Civil Service World column

In the December issue of Civil Service World, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman's column focuses on recent Spending Review announcements.

Penman refers to the Treasury "cherry-picking" examples of more generous terms from the private sector, "against a backdrop of ever-increasing pressure on departments to recruit".

He cites the FDA's appearance this month before the Senior Salaries Review Body, where the union will be "once again quoting figures that demonstrate how far behind the market civil service pay levels are. And these are not my figures - this is the Government's own data, analysed by independent consultants."

Penman calls for "a new, intelligent approach on the total reward package for the civil service", while sharing his fear that "once again, the very people being tasked with delivering ever more with ever less are treated at times as little more than another source of efficiency savings, or worse, a convenient vehicle to demonstrate how tough a Minister is."

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Dave Penman: More generous terms than the private sector? The Treasury needs to stop cherry-picking examples
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