FDA General Secretary Dave Penman: My son has it right on Europe


The July issue of Civil Service World features the FDA General Secretary Dave Penman's column about the UK vote to leave the EU. Penman notes that "Like most of you, on the night of Thursday 23 June I went to bed in Europe and woke up somewhere else, less familiar."

In his opinion piece, Penman shares his son's reaction to the leave vote and how it would affect his future. He notes that how the current "generation instinctively consider paths beyond their own immediate horizon."

The General Secretary points out that he feels that his son is not only lucky enough to have a great education ahead of him, but also with the positive outlook in which his son "sees the world - not just Europe - as a place within his grasp to study, work or visit."

Penman goes on to stress that:

"The scale of that challenge is difficult to even calculate. It is not simply negotiating the divorce, but also what arrangement we have for contact in the future.

"The government, new or old, is going to have to consider a plethora of fundamental policy issues on a scale that dwarfs those in any normal change of governing party.

"Accusations of Whitehall Europhilia will need to be quickly put to bed by the new prime minister, and he or she needs to get on with job in hand supported by our incredible civil service."

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Dave Penman: My son has it right on Europe
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