Civil Service Workforce Plan: FDA tells Guardian and CSW of concerns over 'two-tier pay structure'


Penman raises fear of 'two-tier workforce structure' in opinion piece for the Guardian

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has responded to the newly-published Civil Service Workforce Plan, which was launched at Civil Service Live in London on Tuesday, by the Minister for the Cabinet Office at that time, Matt Hancock.

In an opinion piece for the Guardian, Penman welcomed the aligning of the graduate Fast Stream and non-graduate Fast Track schemes as "a start at a single talent pathway that we have long argued for".

He also praised the focus on leadership, and identify and nurturing talent, as "in reality, good leaders are made, not born".

However, Penman raised concerns that "the easy option will be to look externally first, frustrating internal talent and creating a two-tier pay structure".

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Loyal civil servants could lose out in two-tier workforce pay plan


Penman tells CSW of concerns that 'there is nothing in this entire plan about working with the trade unions'

Civil Service World also reported Penman's response to the Workforce Plan, as he raised concerns that it could lead to an increase in "people brought in from outside on market premiums and internal staff getting paid significantly less with no way of catching up".

While highlighting his alarm that the plan fails to mention working with trade unions, the General Secretary added that the FDA does welcome its "focus on a more coherent strategy for the civil service and how it's people are going to manage the challenge of helping the Government deliver its objectives for this parliament - which has just got ever-greater thanks to Brexit".

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Civil service workforce plan: unions warn of "two-tier" pay risk
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