Brexit speculation: FDA in the Guardian, Independent and other coverage


On 15 November the Guardian reported the FDA's response to speculation surrounding the Brexit challenge facing the civil service, following the publication of a leaked memo in the Times that stated up to an additional 30,000 civil servants would be needed to deliver Brexit.

General Secretary Dave Penman said: "Whether the memo represents a considered Government position or not, it's clear that unpacking 40 years of EU membership is the single biggest task facing the civil service since the second world war.

"While politicians squabble about hard and soft Brexit, there is a deafening silence from ministers over whether any additional resources will be provided to deliver this momentous task. Brexit on the cheap appears to be the Government's preferred approach, but this will satisfy no-one."

With reference to next week's Autumn Statement, Penman added that there is no indication that the Government "is considering additional resources to departments to support the Brexit process. This will be Ministerial priority - but what is going to give?"

The FDA issued a press release around this subject, which due to it being covered by the Press Association was reported by the Independent, Daily Mail,, Belfast Telegraph, Herald, Irish News, South Wales Guardian, Yorkshire Post, Express and Star and other local journals.