ARC warns of perfect storm in response to HMRC's consultation document

The Guardian reported ARC's response to the Government's consultation document proposing to impose heavy fines on banks, accountants and lawyers who market tax avoidance schemes. The union stated that this approach will fail without more resources for HM Revenue & Customs to pursue offenders.

Vicky Johnson, President of ARC - the FDA's section representing members in HMRC - told the Guardian that the Government needs to "provide HMRC with the investment it needs to be properly resourced." Johnson explained that the rate at which Government tax inspectors are leaving the civil service for far better paid jobs at big accountancy firms is increasing and warned HMRC is facing a "perfect storm", if it does not act.

Johnson warned that after rounds of job cuts, pay caps and more recently pay freezes, a sizeable group of senior inspectors nearing retirement and younger trainees recruited in their hundreds since 2012 to replace them are ready to take private sector jobs.

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