Press releases

22/11/2017 - Lack of investment in civil servants preparing for Brexit “beggars belief”, says FDA

16/11/2017 - Civil servants being "badly let down" on pay, new figures show

16/10/2017 - FDA: New civil service diversity plan welcome - but there's more to do

25/09/2017 - Civil Service Compensation Scheme plans "a major backwards step" - FDA union

21/09/2017 - NICS sickness absence levels should be a wake up call, says FDA union

12/09/2017 - Pay cap announcement will satisfy no one, says FDA union

04/09/2017 - Government must take “concrete action” to end public sector pay cap, says FDA union

14/08/2017 - Report attacking DWP pay shows “blatant disregard for the facts”, says FDA union

02/08/2017 - Ministers’ allies are peddling myths on Senior Civil Service pay, says FDA union

18/07/2017 - Senior Civil Service pay review will only succeed if ministers ditch 1% cap, says FDA

05/07/2017 - FDA tells ministers to put their money where their mouth is over public sector pay

30/06/2017 - FDA welcomes “overdue” lifting of 1% pay cap in Scotland

20/06/2017 - FDA urges Chancellor to act now on civil service pay or risk undermining vital public services

13/06/2017 - FDA welcomes fresh call for a Spending Review - and says now is the time to tackle uncompetitive public sector pay

13/06/2017 - FDA welcomes fresh call for a Spending Review - and says now is the time to tackle uncompetitive public sector pay

09/06/2017 - In politically uncertain times, the UK relies on its permanent civil service to ensure stability, says FDA union

12/05/2017 - Anonymous briefings against civil servants a sign of political cowardice, says FDA

11/05/2017 - A successful Brexit needs more than strong leadership - it needs a strong civil service, says FDA union

02/05/2017 - PACAC report adds to mounting evidence that Britain needs a strong civil service, says FDA union

12/04/2017 - Civil servants are used to impartiality - but referendum promises need proper resources, says FDA

29/03/2017 - Article 50: Government must act now to prepare civil service for Brexit, says FDA

24/03/2017 - Ministers cannot ignore growing calls to get real about civil service capacity, says FDA

20/03/2017 - Civil service must have the tools for the job as Article 50 looms, says FDA

13/03/2017 - Government must revise spending plans to ensure the civil service is fully equipped to deliver a successful Brexit, says FDA

08/03/2017 - Budget fails to back public servants and seeks to deliver Brexit on the cheap, says FDA

01/02/2017 - Suspending open and fair competition in recruiting civil servants for Brexit is 'a worrying development', says FDA

26/01/2017 - Selling pension provision on the cheap will not address civil service struggle to recruit and retain key staff, says FDA

17/01/2017 - Invest in the civil service to deliver successful Brexit and domestic reform, says FDA

05/01/2017 - Now is the time to change the Government’s approach to public sector pay, says FDA

04/01/2017 - Surrounding Ministers with yes men and women will not lead to the successful delivery of Brexit, says FDA

08/12/2016 - Dave Penman re-elected as FDA General Secretary

05/12/2016 - Ministers should face same consequences as civil servants for leaking, says FDA