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Media Update 6 September 2013

FDA mentions

PASC Report on civil service reform

FDA's General Secretary, Dave Penman, was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning alongside Bernard Jenkin, chair of PASC, about the PASC report on civil service reform published this morning, which recommended that a parliamentary commission on civil service reform be set up.  

Listen again (1 hour 52 minutes in). 
He was also quoted on BBC News online.  Read the item here and The Times (which is behind a pay wall):

“While the FDA agrees that civil service reform is too important to be done without a comprehensive study of the challenges being faced, any proposed Commission should not be restricted to the opinions of parliamentarians alone.

“There appears to be no disagreement that reform of the civil service is required — ongoing reforms are essential to any major organisation, including the civil service. Any proposed Commission should not prevent essential reforms from being made.” 

Read the full FDA press release on the PASC report here

Universal Credit

FDA's Assistant General Secretary Rob O'Neill responded to the public statmenets of Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pension’s that the team of civil servants originally in charge of the Universal Credit programme were to blame for its problems saying:

“Iain Duncan Smith’s comments go to the very heart of the ongoing debate about the accountability of Ministers and civil servants. They represent a growing blame culture in Government where Ministers blame civil servants but fail to take any responsibility when things go wrong or overrun".   

Rob O'Neill was quoted in the Financial Times, The Independent, and the Express and StarRead the full FDA press release.


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