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Media Update 4 July 2013

FDA Mentions

John Restell, Chief Executive of Managers in Partnership, FDA's joint venture with Unison, appeared on ITV's Daybreak this morning responding to new Government proposals unveiled today to make hospital directors criminally accountable for failures in their care.  The announcement comes after a string of NHS scandals in which 14 NHS hospitals are under intense scruitiny for their board performance.

According to Restell, "Managers in the NHS who are worth their salt want to be held to account"  He said: "the question is, is prosecution the way to change the culture of the health service?  Already managers at board level are responsible and culpable under criminal prosecution and the Care Quality Commission has the right to prosecute."

"Accountability needs to be strenthened throughout ... Is it trying to be more open? If it is not then the risk is that we see people driving board behaviour even deeper into their organisations because they are worried about being prosecuted. 

Restell concluded that "the question is are we really clear about the offence which is being committed?  Because if there is no clarity, not only will people not want to come in to do these jobs in hospitals but the board behaviour will just become more deeply ingrained in the hospitals themselves."

Watch a clip of Daybreak from 6:12-6:17

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