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            Media update 25 June 2013

An FDA survey of Scotland's prosecutors has revealed serious concerns amongst staff over lack of preparation time, staffing levels and workload.  According to the survey 23% said that they had insufficent time to prepare their cases, 46% said they had unrealistic time pressures and 33% frequently have unachievable deadlines.

FDA Scottish Secretary Jim Caldwell said: "This survey shows clearly that there are serious problems within COPFS that need to be addressed urgently.

"These highly-trained legal professionals certainly do not lack skill or motivation, but little time for preparation is seriously damaging their ability to prosecute in the public interest.  It cannot be acceptable that prosecutors are given less than 24 hours to prepare to take a case to court where the outcome is a possible five-year prison sentence.  These cases include crimes of violence and serious sexual offences."

The results of the survey were revealed initially in a front page article in the Scottish Daily Mail on Monday 24 June, with further coverage today in the Morning Star, Herald Scotland, and on STV News.

The full survey will be published at a later date.

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