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Media update: 3 May 2013

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2 May

A letter from FDA assistant general secretary Naomi Cooke was published in yesterday’s Independent. Responding to an Independent article on public services and staff being transferred to the private sector - The great civil service sell-off - Cooke wrote that while this "might help private sector employment statistics, where is the evidence that it will improve public services?"

Cooke used the Land Registry as one example which has "cut fees to the public consistently over the past 20 years, returned a profit to the Treasury and maintains a 97% customer satisfaction level". She asked: "How many privatised services - gas, rail, electricity etc - can point to such a record?"

Cooke explained that "the FDA, the union for senior managers and professionals in public service, believes there is a strong case for reforming the civil service - this is why the FDA launched a plan for civil service reform in Parliament last week - but reform should not mean the incremental transfer of public services to the private sector with little or no future public accountability.

"As government services is one of the few sectors of the economy that actually generates positive GDP results, while UK economic growth remains in a parlous state, employees and the public alike will look for a compelling justification for mutualising, privatising or otherwise transferring government services out of the civil service."

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