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Media update: 27 February 2013

FDA mentions

27 February

FDA general secretary Dave Penman was quoted on the Guardian website today, in response to news that IPSA - the expenses body for MPs - intends to suspend the 1.85% proposed increase in MPs' pension contributions this year.

Penman said: "Our members are facing a contributions increase of 6% at the same time as facing a two-year pay freeze and a 1% cap in pay increases. They would welcome the same review of pay and pensions and terms and conditions that MPs will be enjoying. This is not about equality of misery. It is about fairness and addressing concerns that our members have about their pay and conditions."

The FDA also issued a press release on the same issue: Government should accept IPSA's judgement that full review, not arbitrary change, is the proper approach to reforming the pension contributions and pay of MPs and civil servants

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