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Media update: 24 April 2013

FDA mentions

24 April

Opinion pieces by FDA general secretary Dave Penman feature in both the Guardian Public Leaders Network online and in Public Servant.

Both articles outline the reasons behind the FDA's alternative White Paper, which will be launched at a Parliamentary event this evening.

Penman said: "Civil servants are not faceless bureaucrats, but real people striving every day to serve the Government and the public. They include those who stop tax evasion, prosecute criminals, improve the performance of schools, represent our national interests abroad and protect our borders. These are just a few of the key public service roles the FDA represents.

"The FDA is keen to ensure there is a longer term, more strategic debate about reform of the civil service; one that is built on a shared analysis of the challenges it faces and which looks at building political consensus."

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Public Servant

General interest

24 April

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