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Media update: 19 February 2013

FDA/ARC mentions

19 February

The Institute for Government (IfG) recently published supplementary analysis of the 2012 Civil Service People Survey, following the release of additional survey data on the main Whitehall departments and the SCS.

The IfG analysis states that the publication of SCS results is "probably in response to the FDA union, which claimed that senior civil servants were demoralised with two-thirds considering leaving the Civil Service".

It also concludes that "the SCS are markedly more engaged than their colleagues, and the difference has increased marginally since 2009. Indeed, the SCS are more engaged than they were in 2009 - in contrast to the FDA union claims that senior staff are demoralised with two-thirds considering leaving the civil service."

Responding to the IfG analysis on the Guardian Public Leaders Network today, FDA general secretary Dave Penman said he was pleased that the FDA's SCS survey had prompted the Cabinet Office to be more transparent and publish results for the senior civil service.

Penman said: "As the IfG has noted, satisfaction rates with pay and benefits have declined sharply. This reinforces the central message from the FDA's evidence to the senior salaries review body. Instead of arguing over survey statistics, what senior civil servants want is the government to address the very real issues they face with reward, recognition and resourcing."

Read the full article:
Whitehall chiefs are happier than their staff - but many still want to leave
Guardian Public Leaders Network

Read the full IfG analysis:

ARC issued a press release today, following the release of the Public Accounts Committee's (PAC's) report on 'Tax avoidance: tackling marketed avoidance schemes'.

ARC President Gareth Hills said:

"The scale of the overall budget deficit of £126billion, and the tax gap of £32 billion, are such that the Government needs to put significant investment into HMRC. By investing in key personnel in HMRC the Government will be guaranteed a significant return - one it could use to draw down the deficit, to avoid further austerity measures, or to fund economic recovery and growth. Now is the time for it to abandon caution, the time for it to be bold, and the time for it to back a cast-iron winner."

Read the full press release:
Tackling tax avoidance: Public Accounts Committee needs to recognise the need for more HMRC resource and proper reward for staff, says ARC 

Read the full PAC report:

General interest

19 February

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