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Media update: 17 January 2013

FDA mentions

17 January

FDA general secretary Dave Penman's interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme was mentioned on publicservice.co.uk:

"Let's celebrate success of civil service"

The site quotes Penman defending the work of civil servants against recent criticism by political figures in the media: "The civil service is there to give impartial advice to ministers and sometimes ministers don't like that advice but that's what makes good government.

"Each [new] government comes in and looks to reform the civil service and has its own frustrations. But public services are constantly evolving, changing and reforming and we think we need to celebrate the success of the civil service. For this government it has delivered £12bn worth of savings.

"It's civil servants who have to manage the public services and deliver the same or more with less and that is a tremendous challenge that this government has set at the same time as a quite radical reform agenda. Civil servants day in, day out are delivering that for the government."

Publicservice.co.uk is also running a poll on their homepage, asking visitors to vote on whether the achievements of a smaller civil service should be celebrated.

Their latest public sector news bulletin asks readers to register their opinion online, as to whether Penman is right that "civil servants deliver robust, evidence-based policy advice to ministers which makes for much better policy making... We should celebrate the success of the civil service, which has already delivered £12bn worth of savings for this government".

Penman was also quoted in today's Daily Mail:

Civil service is too slow and lacks business acumen says top mandarin days after Blair attacked it as 'not fit for purpose'
Daily Mail

General interest

17 January

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The Telegraph

16 January

BBC Radio 4's Decision Time programme debated whether the civil servce should be reformed. The full programme can be heard at: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01ptztm/Decision_Time_16_01_2013/

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