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Media update: 15 January 2013

FDA mentions

15 January

The FDA today issued a press release, in response to recent public discussions by politicians about the senior civil service: Discussion, not destruction, is the key to a responsive civil service says the FDA.

The union was also mentioned in two separate stories in today's Times:

I'm proud of Civil Service - we get along fine, says PM
The Times
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David Cameron responds to The Times'' investigation disclosing difficulties between ministers and civil servants, and to comments from his former policy strategist Steve Hilton that No 10 is unable to control government decisions.

FDA general secretary Dave Penman toldThe Times that civil servants are tired of being blamed publicly for policy failures: "Leadership is what civil servants should be able to expect from ministers, not constant criticism and innuendo questioning their contribution and professionalism." 


If civil servants are the enemy within, ministers are marauders at the gate
The Times
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In an article on the tensions between politicians and senior civil servants, former FDA general secretary - and current civil service commissioner - Jonathan Baume said: "Ministers face enormous pressures which they believe not enough civil servants really understand. But collectively too many civil servants - already facing falling living standards and significant job cuts - feel undervalued and not respected."

General interest

15 January

A report from Conservative MP Nick Herbert, explaining why he thinks a new civil service model is needed.
BBC Radio Four Today programme
(2 hours, 33 minutes into the programme)

Ministers 'attack civil servants to deflect blame from Coalition'
The Independent

Tony Blair remarks could make civil service reform easier, ministers believe
The Guardian

Let's see the top civil servants on television
The Independent

Public sector pay a barrier to better skills

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