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Media update: 14 January 2013

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11 January

'Scallop consultations' face review
The Times
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In an article on the Government's use of public consultations - with a Times investigation revealing that 1,000 consultations have taken place since 2010 - FDA general secretary Dave Penman said:

"Good policy development involves engaging and listening to a wide range of views from stakeholders, particularly those who may not agree with any proposed policy.

"This is the bedrock of an impartial and permanent civil service's role in evidence-based policy development, but takes time and resources. When staffing levels have been cut by around 25 per cent in many departments, this can often be the easiest area to raid for savings as the impact is not always visible."

General interest

14 January

No, Minister: Whitehall in 'worst' crisis
The Times
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Ministers v Whitehall: Don't let the politicians duck their responsibility

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