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Media update: 10 May 2013

FDA mentions

10 May

The latest issue of Civil Service World features a report from the launch of the FDA's alternative White Paper - Delivering for the Nation: Securing a World-Class Civil Service.

The article quotes FDA general secretary Dave Penman on his fears over 'contestable policymaking': "What’s important to us is, once you've got that policy advice in, who presents it? If you've let that policy work to an interest group, a think tank or even a commercial organisation operating in the field, then understanding their viewpoint, their influences, is critical to understanding whether you've received partial advice or not - and there are very few organisations out there which are genuinely impartial."

Penman refers to this principle is a "red line" for the FDA, while also raising concerns over “giving policy development to people who have no experience of implementation, no experience of delivery”.

Read the full article:

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Civil Service World


General interest

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