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Media update: 1 February 2013

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1 February

In today's Guardian, head of the civil service Sir Bob Kerslake responded to the results of the FDA's SCS survey, which indicated that two-thirds of SCS members' morale is so low that they are considering leaving their job.

Sir Bob refuted these figures, stating "our [2012 civil service people] survey shows only one in 20 are considering that option, comparable with what you would expect to find in any high-performing organisations with good, dynamic staff."

Read the full story:
Whitehall at war? That's not what civil servants say
The Guardian

The FDA tweeted the following response:

#civilservice survey shows 20% want to leave within a year; ours shows 24% senior civil servants want to go = time for a proper reform debate

31 January

The FDA issued a press release responding to the ongoing civil service reform debate:
A shoestring civil service puts Government at risk, says FDA

General interest

31 January

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30 January

Former civil servants call for end to row over Whitehall appointments
Guardian Public Leaders Network

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