The FDA has a track record of success in improving the working lives of senior public servants and professionals.

What the FDA can do for you

The FDA has a track record of success in improving the working lives of senior public servants and professionals. 

The FDA can:

Provide protection at work

The FDA is there when you need help.  We can provide members with highly personalised and quality representation.

Each year, hundreds of members come to the FDA for confidential, professional advice and support on:

  • bullying and harassment
  • appraisal and promotion
  • disciplinary issues
  • contractual disputes
  • performance pay
  • discrimination
  • legal matters (legal assistance through the union is available when necessary).

Promote and protect your professional interests

The FDA speaks up in the media on behalf of its members, encourages debate on the future of the civil and public services and lobbies politicians from all parties.

The FDA successfully campaigns on issues affecting public servants' working lives including:

  • promoting public awareness of members' key roles
  • civil service ethics
  • skills development
  • improving members' work-life balance
  • furthering equality in pay, conditions and workplaces.

Provide you with a voice and real influence

The FDA's democratic structures allow each individual member to influence the union and its policies. Our local and national committees are elected by and accountable to the membership, and members are encouraged to get involved in shaping the union's policies.

Unlike large unions where individual voices can get lost, the FDA provides the ideal forum for members to get to know each other and make an impact on their workplaces.

Improve your pay and conditions

We are the only public sector union that can improve the pay and conditions of senior managers in public service.

We have a track record of success in:

  • negotiating your pay increases and achieving real improvements
  • protecting and improving your pensions and benefits
  • improving your working conditions and environment
  • promoting better work-life balance in your workplace.