For Fast Streamers, the first six months of membership are free.

Subscription rates

FDA subscription rates 2017

For Keystone subscription rates - for HEOs, SEOs and related grades - please visit the Keystone website

For Managers in Partnership subscription rates - for healthcare managers - please go to the MiP website

 Annual Basic Salary

 Monthly Subscription

 FDA Band

Up to £15,500


 Band 0
£15,500 +


 Band FS (Fast Stream)
£15,501 to £33,500


 Band A
£33,501 to £47,000


 Band B
£47,001 to £70,500


 Band C
£70,501 to £88,000


 Band D
More than £88,001


 Band E

Subscription rates are uplifted annually on 1 January each year and the rate is determined by reference to your basic salary on that date. If your salary changes for whatever reason at other times during the year, the FDA should be notified in writing as soon as is possible, so that your subscription payment can be adjusted accordingly.

For Band FS members - Fast Streamers - the first six months of membership are free. Only after the initial six months is the first subscription collected. 

For members in HMRC - the Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC) - membership subscriptions are 25p more than the FDA subscriptions. This represents a monthly payment of 25p to the ARC political fund, but ARC members may opt out of this if they wish.

Leaving the public service or retiring?

If you are retiring or leaving the public service, you can remain with the FDA as an Associate member. For more information, please go to the Associate membership page.